Women in Data: All Roads Lead to Data

March 28th, 2019
6:30 pm – 9:00 pm
11 Times Square 9th floor/Microsoft Corporation New York New York 10036

Buzz words like “data science”, “machine learning”, “artificial intelligence”, “digital transformation,”, “big data” are often thrown around the business world with reckless abandon. But what do these phrases actually mean? How is data used at modern companies?
Join Women in Data NYC at our first symposium of 2019, where we’ll hear firsthand from data scientists about their experiences working in the data industry. At this event, you’ll learn how data science can be applied to real world problems, how you can expand your skillset to be a leader in the field of data, and how to stand out in the recruiting process.
Event Agenda :

6:30 - Networking

7:00 – WID Presentation & Keynote Speaker Sessions

8:15 – Q&A

9:00 - Meeting Concludes

Keynote Speaker Session Overviews:Rebecca Robins - DataCampGetting a “data science” job can seem daunting and full of barriers, but data may be closer than you think. In this talk, DataCamp will discuss less traditional avenues into the field of data, ways to “touch data” in non-data roles, and personal data journeys of a few DataCamp employees. For this talk, let go of your beliefs of what it means to work in data, and welcome a world of possibilities.Matt Stabile - AverityIn this talk, Matt will provide actionable insights on how you can land your dream job. This presentation will include tips on what to include in your resume, how to improve it, how you should strategize your job search, how to make sure you succeed during the interview process, and finally how to handle negotiating your eventual offer.Priyanka Jain - PymetricsWe all hear about how AI is going to transform our lives in the future, but how is it being used today? Come learn about the difference between “AGI” (general AI) and “ANI” (narrow AI), their current and potential applications, and their implications. We will dive into a specific ANI that uses neuroscience + AI to help companies choose who to hire in a predictive and fair way.*The cost of this event is currently $5. There will be a limited number of tickets sold. Please RSVP through Meetup or EventBrite to secure your spot. If tickets remain on the 28th, we will be selling tickets at the door for $10.Light food and refreshments will be provided by Microsoft.


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