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Landing Pages

With JobFairsNearMe’s conversion-optimized event landing pages, you’ll have a competitive advantage at moving job seekers from “just looking” to “registered.”

  • Communicate all details of your event in a single, attractive web page
  • Responsive design works across devices and browsers
  • Built-in conversion-optimized quick registration system
  • Google AMPlified pages load lightening-fast on mobile
  • Registrant and resume data can be quickly exported in bulk for import to your ATS or CRM

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Built For Perfect

After a job seeker register, the challenge of getting them to the event still
remains, but our marketing automation does the hard work for you.

  • Our automation keeps your jobseekers engaged with MMS and email follow-ups
  • Text and email confirmations are sent to each user upon registration
  • Reminder texts and emails are sent one day prior to the event
  • Messages contain the event details and a map link
  • Our registration export file makes it easy to send your own custom messages to your jobseekers before, during or after the big day

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  • Our software is fully search engine optimized
  • Promoted events are distributed to Eventful, Jobs2Careers, Upward, Juju, EventBrite, Facebook, Twitter and more
  • Built-in social links make events easy to share with friends and followers

Promotion &

The #1 recruiting event challenge that we hear from most recruiters is promotion--getting the event in front of the right audience.

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Elevate the visibility of your recruiting events via a network of top online recruiting and event brands.

Honor The brand

Use our company pages to power your company’s hiring event calendar.
  • Claim your company landing page with a personlized URL
  • Use our page editor to create your own branded event page header
  • All of your branded events roll up into your company landing page
  • Optionally, install the JobFairsNearMe widget to display your calendar on your corporate career website
Create an event
Create an event

Are you ready to rock your next hiring event?

Create you page, set your budget, and let us do the marketing.


Where can I find my event
When you are logged in to, please visit My Profile > My Events. This will open a list of all of your events. When people register, that count is displayed as a link to access those details.
When am i charged?
When you place your order, your credit card will be pre-authorized for the amount of your campaign budget. When your campaign ends (on the event end date), your payment will be processed. Charges will equal the cost of the actual registrations or your maximum budget, whichever is lower.
What percentage of registrants
will actually attend my event?
Conversion to attendance varies by the event, the length of the promotion, the time of year, and even based on the weather and traffic that day. Attendance is highest for those employers that reach out in advance of the event to each attendee with a personal note. In addition to JobFairsNearMe's automated registrant email confirmation and 24-hour reminder messages, we encourage our customers to make the most of their events by reviewing each registrant prior to the big day, and emailing or calling them, especially the most promising job seekers.
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