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The generic term of “job fair” represents an increasingly popular recruiting tool wherein an organization hosts or participates in live events, encouraging prospective applicants to attend and meet its recruiters. Today, millions of job seekers and students attend tens of thousands of events annually. Savvy job seekers now recognize these events as a shortcut to meeting recruiters, standing out from a crowded field of applicants, and forming a true connection with the human resource managers at companies of interest to them.

With recruiting events quickly growing in popularity, and successful job and career fairs often attracting thousands of attendees per event, there exists a massive and fragmented market, making discovery of these events difficult. JobMapr exists to collect, organize, distribute, and promote recruiting events for both prospective attendees and the employers that ultimately benefit from being connected to one another.

A recruiting event is typically one of three basic types:

Job fairs

These are usually a product organized by a third-party, which then rents booth space to employers that would like to attend. These events are typically characterized by higher attendance, a larger number of participating organizations, and large venues. More reputable and well-publicized job fairs often draw huge crowds, although these events are sometimes criticized for attracting serial job seekers, as opposed to higher quality candidates.

Career fairs

These are usually much like job fairs, but geared toward college students, and often held on campus. Due to the educational attainment of the targeted recruits, the organizations that utilize careers fairs in their recruiting mix are often top-tier companies and government agencies.

Recruiting events

Recruiting events are typically hosted by a single employer. The employer attempts to bypass the drawbacks of attending a larger job fair, and the resultant competition with other employers for the best candidates. Instead, banks and retails stores, warehouses and transportation companies will all regularly host their own meet-and-greet type events to fill their applicant databases and make real-world connections with potential recruits.

Regardless of what the event is called, the motivations are clear. HR managers recognize that merely looking at a person’s resume does not tell the whole story. They want to build their company’s employer brand, meet applicants in person, and share their own enthusiasm for their employer. Similarly, job seekers are tired of submitting a resume or application, only to receive a form letter in return (or no response at all) for many of their submissions. Instead, they want to learn more about their top company picks, make a genuine connection with recruiters, and have a chance to tell their story, which is always much more interesting than the details contained in a resume.

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