January 15th, 2018
9:30 AM to 5:00 PM
The Breckenridge Inn
2800 Breckenridge Ln Louisville Kentucky 40220

MG LOGISTICS IS HAVING A HIRING EVENT FOR AMAZON HOME DELIVERY ROUTE DRIVER POSITIONS. THE HIRING EVENT IS MONDAY JANUARY 15th AT THE BRECKENRIDGE INN FROM 930am-5pm in the Lexington Room. The Breckenridge Inn is located at 2800 Breckenridge Lane. Please call 502-298-2572 or 502-749-5100 to schedule your appointment for an interview at this event!

Job Summary

MG Logistics is hiring Amazon Home Delivery Drivers For Our Amazon Home Delivery Contract. The Delivery Driver will be responsible for making Amazon deliveries to homes and businesses within 40 miles of the Louisville, Kentucky metro area. Drivers will drive our cargo vans and be required to perform 150-225 deliveries in a day depending on their shift.

The Driver's position is the most important position within the company. Our drivers are the face of Amazon to Amazon's customers. We hope to grow this position into one of the best local delivery jobs in the region.

Responsibilities and Duties

*****ATTENTION****** Amazon is very demanding in their requirements. This job is for hustlers only. As an Amazon package delivery driver you will have to run from the van to a house and back on every delivery or you won't be able to finish in 10 hours. If you are selected for this position you will:

1) Be exhausted every night

2) Lose Weight

3) Be working 11-12 hours per shift

If you think you can handle the pace of this position read on......

The Home Delivery Route Driver is responsible for making all assigned deliveries in exactly the manner that Amazon requires it to be done. The driver will have up to 225 packages on a route

1) Arrive at the Amazon facility at 830am and get your van assignment. Drive to the remote parking lot and get your assigned van.

2) Perform a Pre-trip vehicle inspection thoroughly checking the van for damage and all the fluids, tires belts and hoses

3) Drive back to Amazon and get in line to load your van

4) Attend the morning stand up meeting discussing problems and issues for the day

5) Load your van per Amazon plan-o-gram

6) Proceed on your route with hand held route computer and make deliveries in route order

7) Deliver up to 225 packages route driver

8) Follow all Amazon delivery procedures as directed by Amazon

9) Take proper breaks and lunch

10) Return to station after all deliveries are complete

11) Check in at Amazon desk and give shift report

12) Clean your van out of any trash or debris

13) Perform post trip inspection noting any required maintenance items

14) Top off van with Fuel

15) Return van to parking area, lock it and drop key in lock box

Qualifications and Skills

Requirements a Full Time Route position are:

1) Clear background check

2) Clean Driving Record - No Accidents, tickets or moving violations (7 years)

3) 2 years of Delivery Experience including (Pizza Delivery, Uber, Lyft, Amazon Flex, Fed Ex, UPS, Auto Parts and More)

4) Must be able to Lift and carry 50 pounds

5) Must be able to stay on a quick even pace and make up to 250 deliveries on a shift fast walking 3-5 miles per day

6) Must be an excellent safe driver and observe all safety policies

7) Must treat other peoples vehicles as their own

8) Must have a history of excellent attendance and no history of calling in sick without a doctors note

9) Must be computer literate and able to operate a hand scanner

10) Must be at least 21 years old and in good physical shape to handle the walking, lifting , bending and stooping


Salary - Full Time Route Drivers can earn 775.00 /week for 55-60 hours (5 days) Off One Weekday and one Weekend Day

600.00 / week for 4 shifts (150.00) per day Work Four Days Off Three Days

- Part Time Drivers Earn 14.00 Per Hour -Work a Full 10 hour route as little as one day per week

- Half Route Drivers Earn 75.00 for 80-100 stops-(4-6 Hours Work depending on your pace)

We will be adding insurance benefits for full time workers (over 30 hours per week) within 6 months

Weekly Pay Via Direct Deposit

Flexible Schedules

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