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Law Jobs For Humans NYC - A Career Fair For Futurists

November 8th, 2019
1:00 pm – 7:00 pm
New York New York 10012
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The traditional career paths are atrophying. Not only are there fewer openings on the 2,000 annual billables “up or out” track, today’s entrepreneurial and technologically fluent law graduates increasingly want no part of that grind. Technology and information abundance are rapidly disrupting every facet of our economy, and the legal industry is no different. Today, trailblazing legal professionals and employers leverage new delivery models, data analytics, process management, service design, and many other tools and approaches to create careers that look very different from the law jobs of yore.
Radically new legal career paths are here. Join us at the inaugural alternative legal career fair.
Find your own path, build your network, and connect with peers, mentors, employers, and schools.


12:30 Registration and Coffee
1:05 Welcome Remarks
1:15 Innovators Runway
2:15 Group Mentoring for Legal Service Providers, Clients, Legal Tech Vendors, and Startups
2:45 Networking and Coffee
3:00 What Employers Are Looking For in the Next Generation of Legal Professionals
4:00 Networking and Coffee
4:15 How Legal Education Is Preparing for #NewLaw and What Students Should Be Doing
5:15 Networking and Happy Hour

Program Director: 

Dan Lear, Legal Innovator, Facilitator, Blogger, Right Brain Law

Event Co-Chairs:

Bill Henderson, Professor and Stephen F. Burns Chair on the Legal Profession, Indiana University, Founder and Editor of Legal Innovation
Irene Mo, Associate at Aleada Consulting and Former Fellow at the ABA Center for Innovation




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