Butte-Glenn Community College JOB FAIR

May 31st, 2018
4:00 PM to 7:00 PM
604 East Walker Street Orland California 95963
Employers: Butte-Glenn Community College

Head Football Coach

Butte-Glenn Community College

Opening Date/Time:

Closing Date/Time: 5/31/2018 4:00 PM Pacific

Salary: Not Displayed

Job Type:

Location: Main Campus, CA

Department: Office of Instruction

Full-time, Tenure Track (177 Day 10 Month) starting August 2018
$49,644.12 - $76,234.70 per year plus applicable additional duties stipend (Currently $12,466.28 per year).
Probationary (Contract I) Member of Academic Faculty
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Butte College's main campus is located on a 928-acre wildlife refuge and we pride ourselves on being a national college leader in sustainability. Community partnerships matter to us. We work with our K-12 partners to create career pathways for students to seamlessly move from high school to Butte College coursework or credit to transfer to a four-year university. In fact, Butte College has the highest transfer rate of all California community colleges to California State University, Chico. Butte College contributes to economic development through the Training Place, and the Small Business Development Center.

For 50 years, we have successfully provided a quality educational experience to our students, offering associates degrees and training in career fields including business, medical, law enforcement, welding, automotive, computers, and more.

The ideal candidate will share Butte College's commitment to our mission and values, especially our commitment to educating our racially and socio-economically diverse student population. We currently enroll around 16,000 students annually, many of whom are from racially minoritized populations. 59% of Butte College students are white, 27% are Latinx, 6% are Asian, 3% are African American, 2% are Native American, and 4% are multi-ethnic. As an emerging Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI), Butte College understands that it has a great responsibility to the educational attainment and economic well-being of our surrounding communities.

The successful candidate will join a campus community that demonstrates its commitment to student equity by supporting ongoing professional development for students, faculty and staff. These opportunities include a Cultural Awareness Community of Practice, FAIR Classrooms, active Diversity and Student Equity Committees, support for our undocumented and AB 540 students (Download PDF reader), a robust set of culturally responsive programs and events, and conferences related to equity-mindedness and supporting the success of our diverse students.

The Butte College Health, Kinesiology, and Athletics Department offers quality education within a student-centered environment that provides comprehensive instruction through various modalities. The curriculum incorporates innovative teaching methods and flexible scheduling to foster critical thinking and support the needs of our diverse student population. The uniqueness of our integrative discipline is that we work to empower students to develop healthy behaviors, engage in physical activity, and promote healthy lifelong modifications, which can enhance their quality of life.

In addition to the responsibilities of the classification description, the specific position is also responsible for:

Show commitment to academic integrity and excellence in teaching a variety of health & kinesiology classes.
Exhibit the highest standard of athletic ethics and sportsmanship.
Possess outstanding communication skills.
Demonstrate excellence and innovation in the classroom and the profession.
Display high ethical standards and professionalism.
Have the ability to recognize variation in student's socio-economic backgrounds, abilities and learning styles.
Recruit students for the football program
Develop and maintain an effective and competitive football program.
Oversee the direction of practices, coach the team at games, and adhere to all regulations, rules, procedures and policies as established by the CCCAA, the Northern California Football Conference, and the Butte-Glenn Community College District.
Be assigned and responsible for the inter-collegiate athletic courses.

Representative Duties:
The full-time college instructor is responsible for effective performance in the following areas:
A. General Scope of Responsibilities

Excellence in teaching and instruction.
Maintenance of professional growth and academic currency.
Carrying out of area, departmental and/or program responsibilities.
Contribution to the College as a whole in the form of College- wide service.
Service to the local community (optional).
Development and assessment of student learning outcomes.
B. Teaching and Instruction - The following duties are representative of the kinds of expectations that are normally required of a full-time Butte College instructor. Certain duties are common to the everyday operational needs of the College while other activities may be required on an as needed basis. All of the duties, however, are common requirements at various times for full-time instructional positions.

Plans for and initiates curriculum improvements.
Plans for and is continually well prepared to teach.
Provides organized delivery of instruction.
Is courteous to and approachable by students.
Instruction is consistent with the stated and approved goals and content of the course.
Sticks to the subject matter of the course.
Shows enthusiasm for the subject matter.
Uses effective motivation to create a personal desire to learn the subject/skill(s).
Uses standards of student evaluation that are clear, fair and followed consistently throughout the course.
Requires levels of instructor and student effort sufficient to the mastery of the subject or skills in the course.
Grades and returns student assignments and tests in a reasonable period of time.
Makes effective use of teaching aids and materials required of students (e.g., texts, manuals, etc.).
Is effective as a teacher.
Prepares complete course outlines and syllabi.
Continually revises and updates course content and materials of instruction.
Coordinates course contents and methods with other teachers in the program/discipline.
Meets and assists students during office hours or by appointment or at other reasonable times.
Initiates and carries through with improvements to course contents and methods.
Initiates and/or participates in overall department-wide program development, maintenance, evaluation, revision and/or expansion.
C. Professional Growth and Currency

Instructors are required to show examples of activities which demonstrate a pattern of academic, professional, and/or technical updating or currency.
D. Area or Departmental Responsibilities

Is knowledgeable about and abides by College policies and procedures. This includes the accurate and timely submission of all reports, grades and paper work.
Meets deadlines and time targets.
Orders instructional materials, equipment and textbooks with sufficient lead times.
Assists in scheduling.
Assists in course staffing functions.
Provides assistance and help to other full-time, part-time and/or new instructors.
Coordinates plans and activities with others.
Provides information for the development of departmental budgets.
Monitors expenditures to keep within authorized budget spending appropriations.
Exercises good judgment in the use of and/or management of facilities, equipment and supplies.
Attends assigned meetings as requested.
Is punctual to assigned meetings.
Works well with peers, classified staff and administration.
In general, is easy and cooperative to work with.
Does his/her fair share of outside of class departmental duties and responsibilities, including contributing to unit plan and program review processes.
E. College-wide service

Volunteers to serve on College committees.
When requested serves on College committees and project teams.
Serves as a sponsor to student clubs and organizations.
Participates in faculty/college governance.
Participates on special project teams or ad hoc committees.
F. Community service (optional)

The College values the contributions made to the local community by the instructional staff, however, such contributions are at the option of the instructor and are not a formal requirement of the position.


Master's degree in kinesiology, physical education, exercise science, education with an emphasis in physical education, kinesiology, physiology of exercise or adaptive physical education OR Bachelor's degree in any of the above AND Master's degree in any life science, dance, physiology, health education, recreation administration or physical therapy OR
Possession of a current California Community College Credential that permits full-time service as an instructor in the applicable discipline. OR
The equivalent (Download PDF reader)
(Applicants wishing to be considered for employment under District equivalency standards must submit a detailed statement explaining how you possess the equivalent to the minimum qualifications discussed above.)

Evidence of responsiveness to and understanding of the racial, socioeconomic, academic, and cultural diversity within the community college student population, including students with different ability statuses (e.g. physical and/or learning) as these factors relate to the need for equity-minded practice within the institution and/or classroom.
Success as a head coach or coordinator at a community college level or higher.
Understanding of CCCAA, NCAA and NAIA recruiting and transfer rules.
Experience in curriculum development.
Experience supervising and/or working with diverse students.
Experience with technology mediated instruction.
Experience with football scouting software.
Fundraising experience.
Knowledge of the use and care of athletic facilities and equipment.
The ability to communicate effectively with students, staff, faculty and administration.

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